We sew packaging that perfectly protects products from external factors, is safe for children, and their appearance is elegant. We manufacture bedding bags, pillows, bedding sets, but also for textiles from the children’s, clothing, cosmetics and automotive industries.

We use certified materials of Polish producers. Packaging is sewn from PVC foil and polypropylene nonwoven. Each of our products is trimmed with a trimming of any color, has a handle in the form of a string in any color, a hook or a handle made of trimming. The packaging has a zipper and zipper of any color, it can also have a sewn-in or sewn-in pocket for advertising.

Although we approach each client individually, we can divide our products into several categories:


Square or rectangular packaging, usually pillows, blankets, blankets, sheets are packed in them. We make any sizes in colors chosen by the customer.


The wide use of these bags allows you to pack bedding sets or, for example, tourist mattresses. Packages in the selected color, of any height, thickness and width. Zipper sewn in according to the wishes of the customer, handles sewn in or in the form of a string.

Packaging for children’s items:

In this category, you can find packaging of various shapes, designed and tailored to individual products. They will be used primarily in children’s bedding articles, e.g. cones, feeding pillows, stabilization pillows, cocoons, changing tables, canopies, protectors for children.

Ecological packaging:

To meet your expectations, we also offer cotton packaging in any designs and dimensions.


In this category we can find, for example, covers for suits, packaging for car cushions, suitcases for tourist mattresses.

Packaging offer